Starfield takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously.  We believe that we should lead by example wherever possible, and take action locally to ensure a bright future and safe workplace for employees as well as the communities.  This is achieved through a commitment to environmentally and socially responsible operations.

Starfield is committed to protecting the lifestyle, heritage and environment in our areas of operations.  We work closely with regulatory and government agencies in designing environmental monitoring programs that minimize operational impact.  Equally important to protecting the environment is preserving the knowledge and heritage of the land.  In keeping with this belief, Starfield has funded and participated in the documentation of traditional knowledge, including a traditional place names project for the Ferguson Lake area.

Click here to view a Photographic Summary of Environmental and Operational Programs during 2008.

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd., on behalf of Starfield, has been collecting environmental baseline data since 1999.  In 2008, an extensive baseline monitoring program was conducted that included:

• Meteorology
• Hydrology
• Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage (ML/ARD)
• Aquatic Resources and Water Quality
• Fisheries Community and Habitat
• Soils
• Vegetation
• Wildlife
• Traditional Knowledge
• Socio-economics