Stillwater Overview

Property Description

The Stillwater Project is located 129 km (80 mi) west-southwest of Billings, Montana and abuts the high grade Stillwater Pt-Pd mine of Stillwater Mining Company.  It consists of 45 patented lode mining claims and 763 unpatented lode mining claims. This highly prospective land position was formed by the acquisition of Beartooth Mining Company claims by Nevoro Inc. and subsequently by the acquisition of Nevoro by Starfield Resources Inc.

As has previously been stated, the Stillwater Project overlies a significant part of the exposed Stillwater Complex, which is a large differentiated, mafic-ultramafic layered intrusive that is analogous in terms of lithologies and mineralization to the Bushveld Complex in South Africa and the Noril’sk/Talnakh deposit in Russia. Like these prolifically mineralized intrusive complexes, and as evidenced by the adjacent Stillwater Pt-Pd Mine, as well as previous exploration results on the project, Starfield Resources feels that their large land position covers several excellent Pt-Pd, Cu-Ni-Co-PGM and chrome exploration targets.

Three general targets present on the Stillwater Project are of particular exploration interest with respect to PGM mineralization. These include the “A” and “B” chromitites located near the base of the Ultramafic Series, the VEZ (Volatile Enriched Zone) located at the top of the Ultramafic Series and potentially stongly mineralized discordant dunite bodies cutting the Ultramafic Series.

     Starfield Claims in the Stillwater District

Importantly, as a result of Nevoro’s acquisition of Beartooth Mining’s claims and its associated extensive database, it is now apparent that the VEZ target, which lies a few hundred feet west of and down section of the JM Reef, is not just a localized area of strongly elevated PGM mineralization.  In fact, an airborne survey flown by Fugro Airborne Surveys on behalf of Beartooth Mining indicates that the VEZ target is a laterally extensive, sulphide bearing horizon that is analogous to and sub-parallel to the PGM bearing JM Reef, which is currently being exploited by Stillwater Mining Company. The airborne survey clearly indicates that the VEZ target is approximately 12 km (7.45 mi) in length, and that most of the VEZ horizon occurs on claims that are now controlled by Starfield Resources Inc.

Previous sampling by Trend Mining Company on a segment of the VEZ  located on Starfield resources claims on which a strong conductor was identified by the Fugro Airborne Survey reportedly averaged 0.13 opt (4.45 g/t) Pt and 0.32 opt (10.96 g/t) Pd over a width of 25’ (7.6 m).