Board Committees

The Board of Directors has established three committees:

Audit Committee
The audit committee is responsible for oversight of the Companyís financial management and the design and implementation of an effective system of internal financial controls. The committee also reports to the Board on the integrity of the financial statements of the company and its subsidiaries.

Members:  Shirley Mears (Chair), Norman Betts

Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committe

The governance, nominating and compensation committee is responsible for developing and monitoring the effectiveness of the Companyís system of corporate governance. It establishes procedures for the identification of new board nominees, develops and implements orientation procedures for new directors, assesses the effectiveness of directors, the board and its committees, ensures proper delineation of roles and assists the board in setting objectives for the CEO. It is also responsible for establishing remuneration and benefit plans for directors, executives and employees, reviewing the adequacy and form of compensation of directors and senior management, establishing a plan of succession, undertaking the performance evaluation of the CEO.

Members:  Norman Betts (Chair), Shirley Mears, Ross Glanville, Phillip S. Martin

Technical, Environmental, Health and Safety Committee

The technical, environmental, health and safety committee is responsible for fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and an awareness of the importance of health and safety. It monitors compliance with legal requirements and internal targets in respect of environmental, health and safety programs. It ensures that the board is aware of long term technical risks and opportunities, and discusses with management any other technical issues of significant concern. The committee has a charter to review and assist management with the technical and financial issues associated with new projects, acquisitions and dispositions.

Members:  Ross Glanville (Chair), Philip S. Martin